Sometimes we think of churches as historic buildings, of which the congregation are the custodians or caretakers, and we at All Saints are proud of our building and do our best to look after it for the next generation.

However, we believe that the church is really the people, the community of Christians who are answering the call to follow the way of Jesus in 21st-century Falmouth. As such we see our wonderful building as a resource not just for worship, but for hospitality and mission. We love to invite people in and to offer them the warmest of welcomes… whether it’s for regular worship, for Little Sparks baby and toddler group, schools coming in to learn, rehearse or perform, for coffee mornings, concerts or one of the other special events made possible by our wonderful, flexible space.

People coming in for the first time sometimes tell us that they are amazed, not just by the beauty of the interior (let’s face it the exterior is not going to feature on many postcards!) but also the sense of peace and the presence of God.

All Saints hosts two congregations, very different, but supportive of each other.

The Sunday morning congregation

The Sunday morning (10) congregation tend to be rather more traditional and enjoy worship enhanced by organ and choral music, by movement and ceremony. The clergy and choir will wear robes and the church will be decked in the colours of the appropriate season of the church’s year. Don’t worry if this is strange to you at first, there’ll always be someone at hand to explain what’s going on, and why!

What to expect

New Street congregation

The Sunday afternoon (4pm) congregation – New Street Church – is more informal and contemporary, with worship led by a band and families and free-range children made particularly at home.

Visit New Street

Whatever the style, the faith is the same… in a God who loves and cares for all God’s people and calls each one to know the fullest of life through Jesus.

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